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Pankow is a locality of Berlin in the district of Pankow. Until 2001 it was an autonomous district with the localities of Karow, Niederschönhausen, Wilhelmsruh, Rosenthal, Blankenfelde, Buch and Französisch Buchholz.HistoryThe village of Pankow is named after the small Panke river, a tributary of the Spree. The settlement was first mentioned in a 1311 deed by the Margraves of Brandenburg, though the "Four Evangelists" fieldstone church had already been erected about 1230. In 1691 Elector Frederick III acquired Schönhausen Palace, in neighboring Niederschönhausen, from the heirs of General Joachim Ernst von Grumbkow, which promoted the development of the Pankow village.As Pankow grew, due to industrialization, in the 19th century, it became a suburb - and popular day-trip destination - of Berlin. It was finally incorporated into the city by the Greater Berlin Act of 1920.



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