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Migration Hub Network is a network for asylum, migration and refugee cooperation aiming to transform the challenges of mass migration into opportunities by offering physical spaces, mentoring, collaboration and support. Migration Hub Network gGmbH: Transforming the challenges of mass migration into opportunities. Migration Hub Network aims to connect civil society initiatives and social entrepreneurs working in the field of migration, inclusion, and refugee support across Europe, facilitating best practice sharing and supporting organisations in our Network with access to coaches, experts, and partners in all sector. By offering a community platform and a space where to gather we are enabling collaboration and support. A variety of regular networking events take place in order to bring the rapidly growing scene together. After Angela Merkel's decisive actions to welcome those fleeing war and persecution, Germany has been put at centre stage in European migration management and faces a task of historic proportions. Above all, the unprecedented efforts of volunteers and civil society initiatives have helped cope with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in the last two years. Currently, Germany is at the centre of innovating newcomer integration strategies that place the human at the centre of the solution. The potential of the immense response of ordinary citizens needs to be channeled to create permanent solutions. While new initiatives are being created at an astounding rate, a central place for exchange is missing. Migration Hub is the node between volunteers and activists, social entrepreneurs, migrants and other stakeholders. It connects initiatives, promotes mutual exchange, stimulates to build new, creative solutions and should help to ensure that each project can realise its full potential. The aim is to facilitate exchange through promoting synergies between different actors working on migration topics. Here, Migration Hubs are particularly dedicated to the task of establishing national and international links between initiatives, initiators and volunteers, so that working solutions spread quickly and can be replicated elsewhere and adapted to to each working context. Scalable projects - such as are currently being built in Germany and throughout Europe - have a very high value in such a ubiquitous crisis.


Am Krögel 2
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