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ReVamp is a small creative collective which dances between skilled yet creative handwork and a sheer affinity with coffee. The craft side of our Werkstatt ranges from refurbishing old and neglected furniture to designing and constructing larger scale projects. The coffee side of ReVamp comes in the form of our espresso bar that will be debuting at a number of raucous festivals this summer, firing out shots to the masses. ReVamp -------------POP-UP-------SHOP//GALLERY//CAFE (13-28 May) For 15 glorious days our humble werkstatt will be open for all as we introduce our first Pop-up. Numerous works will be on show and for sale, ranging from completely hand crafted furniture to overhauled, rescued and rejuvenated pieces that have literally been ripped from the claws of rats, brought back from the Berlin gutter and had new kaleidoscopic life bestowed upon them. Variety being the spice of life, naturally we will be exhibiting a medley of mixed media pieces from a number of Berlins gifted artists including photography, hand-made prints and fine glass-works. If that isn’t enticing enough, in electric anticipation for the upcoming festival season, the Boab coffee bar is set up inside and will be firing shots as fast as you can drink them. On tap we shall have organic beans from two different local roasters, both of which endorse direct or Fairtrade farms. Self-service filter coffee will also be available using our charming filter shelf. If looking at a highly sexualized photograph while sipping a delicious classically made coffee sitting on a ridiculous yet beautiful chair and tapping your feet to a Big Bill Broozer record sounds like a worthwhile experience to you…….we shall meet soon.


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