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www.iplytics.com IPlytics develops a market intelligence solution that provides sophisticated insights on trends, comparisons and multi-dimensional relationships, to change the direction of decision-making. The online-based analytics tool IPlytics Platform allows users to investigate market developments, technology trends and a company’s competitive position. The underlying big data algorithm enables an intelligent linking, processing and visualization of comprehensive data sources. IPlytics integrates worldwide external data on patents, scientific publications, standards, products, industry alliances, start-ups or M&A deals. IPlytics algorithms are based on scientifically validated methods. IPlytics thus ensures trustworthy and reliable results. Once a person is logged into IPlytics Platform, users that are well versed in tools like MS Excel can easily start analysis. A user only needs a browser to access the platform from anywhere in the world. The analysis starts by e.g. entering a keyword concerning a technology, a company, a product or a market. With only one click users receive results on the latest technology trends, companies' market position or market share, insights on new deals of mergers and acquisitions as well as information on collaborations among companies or upcoming start-ups. The interface easily allows users to pivot between different data sets and projections of the information, allowing users to explore data to uncover questions customers did not even know existed. Users may begin a quest for information with a defined set of questions, but then ask different questions after uncovering new data points since IPlytics is pulling information from a vast number of data streams (patents, standards, products etc.) to highlight new relationships. With IPlytics Platform, users can easily navigate, analyze, and drill down into information as quickly as they move through a thought process or question after question. IPlytics customers pay a monthly subscription fee, which allows them the unlimited use of the platform and access to all data sets. Alerts help customers to monitor changes. IPlytics solution adds value in a scenario in which technology management teams are short-staffed or have budgetary limits in gaining access to multiple databases for their analyses and strategic conclusions. Such teams can leverage the power of IPlytics Platform integrated, intelligent interface and base their recommendations on efficient searching and analysis capabilities. IPlytics provides information on competitive intelligence years before companies publicly announce new products or acquisition. First customers are Bosch, Siemens, Nokia, LG or Qualcomm. IPlytics platform has become an essential research tool within technology and innovation research, R&D strategy, product development, and technology landscaping.


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