Esmod Berlin Internationale Kunsthochschule für Mode, Berlin


Esmod Berlin Internationale Kunsthochschule für Mode
Via Thea - GmbH is a leading International University of Art for Fashion producing highly talented professionals for the international fashion industry. In 1841, Guerre Lavigne, master tailor and supplier to the court of the empress Marie Eugénie, opened the fashion school which still bears his name. Lavigne revolutionised tailoring by inventing the flexible tape and the dress form, known as the “Lavigne bust”. His unique technique of modelling directly onto the Lavigne bust as a basic principle for pattern making is still the cornerstone of the successful teaching at ESMOD international fashion schools today. The 21 ESMOD schools now teach two different types of pattern cutting. Guerre Lavigne’s renowned school of fashion became ESMOD International. From 1970 to this day, ESMOD has been expanding its international network and founding new schools across the globe. Today, there are 21 schools, including branches in Berlin, Beijing, Beirut, Bordeaux, Damascus, Dubai, Jakarta, Lyon, Moscow, Munich, Osaka, Oslo, Paris, Rennes, Roubaix, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Sousse, Sydney, Tokyo, and Tunis.


Görlitzer Str. 51
10997 Berlin

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030 611 2214

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