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HMS PPCR Site Center Dresden
The MPCR has been designed to provide training in the methodology and practice of clinical research and translate research theory into applied science. Our program combines several highly effective ways to foster your career: The Master’s Program in Clinical Research offers an additional training component for graduates you from the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (PPCR) course which is a collaborative distance-learning training program provided by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. All credit points and grades obtained during the PPCR course are directly translated into ECTS-credits that are used to receive a Master of Science degree upon graduation from our integrative two-years Master’s program. After having graduated from both educational components students will have received both, a PPCR course certificate from Harvard and the academic title Master of Science (MSc) from Dresden International University. Students receive personalized intensive training in presenting themselves and their research in a competetive international environment. In fact, training of presenting skills including intensive mentoring in presenting clinical research data is one of our key components during the second year of the Master’s program. We encourage our students to submit a research or review paper as Master’s thesis. Thus, they do not have to draft an actual 100-page long thesis to complete our program but can submit a DIU-supervised research project and get published instead. This creates an outstandingly beneficial situation where students improve their manuscript writing skills, enhance their publication track record, and avoid writing a regular thesis. (previous publications of our program) Our program faculty includes leading researchers from renown universities such as Technische Universität Dresden, Harvard Medical School and the Charite University Medicine Berlin. Our lectureres do not just give teach centered lectures but rather collaborate with you to generate new ideas and research questions, develop new thinking strategies and help you further develop your individual skills. This unique and very close and open relationship between students is also a mutually beneficial way of exchanging ideas and creating a strong professional network.


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