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Dresden Music Cognition Lab
DMCL is a multi-disciplinary research group at TU Dresden. We explore how our minds create and enjoy music. Join us to stay in touch with what we're up to! The Dresden Music Cognition Lab (DMCL) is a research group based in the Institute for Art and Musicology of the TU Dresden. The group - founded and led by Professor Martin Rohrmeier - conducts research that aims to improve our understanding of how we create, perform and perceive music, by empirically testing hypotheses inspired from music theory, and with strong insights from generative- and psycho-linguistics. The DMCL consists of an international team of cross-disciplinary researchers with backgrounds in music performance, musicology, psychology, neuroscience, computational modelling, mathematics and philosophy. Uniquely amongst music cognition labs in Europe, the DMCL is soon to have its own recording studio. Between them, members of the DMCL are involved in projects investigating the neural correlates of music perception, creativity and mental imagery, the role of audio-visual integration in film music, the modulation of default modes of cognition through musical information, and the role of revision and ambiguity effects in music and language processing. The list of projects that the DMCL is involved with is rapidly expanding, thanks to its dense network of local, national and international collaborators. The group benefits from its location in the cultural city of Dresden, and from the 2012 selection of this city's flagship university (the TU Dresden) for the prestigious German Universities Excellence Initiative.


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