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Global Diabetes Survey Dear friends interested in taking action about Diabetes Mellitus, There is a global need to improve the quality of care for people with chronic disease, especially diabetes mellitus. In September 2011 the UN held a summit to develop a global plan to combat non communicable diseases. We want to start a Global Diabetes Survey - - which will report regularly about the quality of diabetes care worldwide and monitor the progress of the United Nations Non Communicable Disease Plan. You are invited to register at and answer the Global Diabetes Survey questionnaire once a year. Thank you for your commitment. We need YOU to make this project successful! Reasons to participate: • improve quality of diabetes care worldwide • help patients with diabetes mellitus worldwide receive good diabetes management • participate in a global scientific action to assess real world diabetes care • contribute my experience to identify good diabetes practice as well as barriers and challenges in diabetes care worldwide How do I get involved? • Register at and select a volunteer focus group • Each September you will receive an email with the survey invitation link • Please fill out the standardized online questionnaire What will happen to the data? • The data will be centrally analyzed by the Global Diabetes Survey team and a report about the condition of diabetes care will be prepared. Registered users will be able to download this report for free. What do I get from GDS? • become part of the Global Diabetes Survey team to achieve the above goals • help to improve the situation for people with diabetes worldwide with my voice


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