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NEW ID filmproduktion gmbh
werbefilmproduktion Founding NEW ID in 1998 was the logic consequence of my career and by far the best business decision I ever made. By then a senior agency producer I felt that only entrepreneurship allowed me to promote creativity the way I wanted and functions as a solid platform for further developments I wanted to be part of. Our curiosity is the driving force that keeps NEW ID moving forward. Curiosity is a talent we are actually born with. It is the necessary condition for creativity. Besides curiosity and creativity responsibility is one of the foundations NEW ID is built upon.Responsibility means for us * Fostering the fresh blood * Listening to the generation that is now in its best age * Building a strong and sustaining relationship to creative and managing stuff * Anticipating future challenges and new advances * Keeping a close eye on the climate footprint and society developments Creativity means for us: * exploring creative talent, stimulating directors, DoPs, set designers and stylists * learning about the latest influences of fine arts, music, literature, theatre and of course film * Striving for new and interesting solutions to achieve a goal * exploring new technical solutions * developing new relationships to interesting partners throughout the world We have been practising this for 19 years now... with herzblut Would you like to get to know me and our team? Looking forward to your call. Warm regards, Gitte Schilly


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