Floridsdorf, Wien, Austria, Floridsdorf


Floridsdorf, Wien, Austria

Floridsdorf is the 21st district of Vienna, Austria (21. Bezirk, Floridsdorf). Floridsdorf is located in the northern part of Vienna.


Population centers

The District Office and the centre of Floridsdorf are located round Am Spitz, at the junction of Prager Straße and Brünner Straße .

Parts of Floridsdorf were formerly villages. For example, there are Stammersdorf, Strebersdorf and Leopoldau. Because of this, Floridsdorf is mostly a very rural district, with many taverns selling homegrown wine .

Hills and waters

In the north of Floridsdorf, the area is dominated by the southern foothills of the Bisamberg hill, as the terrain of the municipal district. While the summit of Bisamberg, 358m, is already in Lower Austria, it is the Summit Falkenberg, 320m, which is the highest point in Floridsdorf.

The Danube forms the southwestern border district. A part of the New Danube and a section of the Danube Island are in Floridsdorf, while the water area immediately beyond the Danube island is in the Döbling district area. The Vienna Danube bridges to Floridsdorfer area (ranked in the direction of flow of the Danube) are: the Bridge Jedleseer, the North Bridge, the North Bridge, the Bridge Floridsdorfer, the North Bridge, the U6-Danube Bridge and Brigittenauer Bridge. In Floridsdorf is also the northern part of the Old Danube. In 1992, the Marchfeld channel was put into operation, which crosses the district area.



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