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Wandsbek is an urban quarter in the Wandsbek borough of Hamburg, Germany, and the former city Wandsbek in the Duchy of Holstein. In 2016 the population was 34,469.HistoryWandsbek was once part of the county Stormarn. Its villages were first mentioned in the middle of the 13th century. The name Wandsbek, Wandsbeck or (older) Wantesbeke derives from old Low Saxon ("Low German") for "border river" and the river Wandse was a natural territorial border.An old Danish phrase for stating that something is a fraud / unreliable is to claim that "det gælder ad Wandsbek til" (i.e. "this is valid in Wandsbeck."). Wandsbek was one of the three locations in the Danish monarchy where the first lottery drew its numbers, and this expression dates from the early years of this lottery's life where a number of people tried to claim prizes in Copenhagen with tickets from Wandsbeck. Since each of the three towns drew its own set of numbers, a ticket from one town was worthless in the two others.Until 1864 Wandsbek was a part of the Duchy of Holstein and under the rule of the King of Denmark. Afterwards, it became part of the Prussian province Schleswig-Holstein.In 1937 the still Prussian city of Wandsbek joined the city of Hamburg through the Greater Hamburg Act.GeographyThe quarter Wandsbek has an area of 6 km². The western border is to the quarter Dulsberg in the borough Hamburg-Nord. The northern border to Bramfeld is the small river Osterbek. In the east are the quarters Farmsen-Berne and Tonndorf. The southern border to the quarter Marienthal is mostly the railway tracks of the city train.


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