Anna Fuchs, Hamburg

Fashion Designer

Anna Fuchs
For 14 years Anna Fuchs has brought her fashion vision to the city of Hamburg, the place she was born and bred. Her effortless and perfect modern style gets by without the trappings of kitsch and pretension. The basis for her creative being are highly thought through designs while using exquisite materials next to perfect workmanship and fit. Her collections are easily worn day in and out. Each piece can be dressed up or down with fashion accessoires. Comfort is a must and guarantees happy clients which is Anna Fuchs' highest priority. To be dressed in AF means to belong to an exclusive circle of "Initiated", being part of a club of women who are strong, innovative, inspiring and active in todays society. Women who have understood that clothing can be used as a means to reach their goals and a way to open dialog with their fellow human beings. "Elegance knows no age" is the designer's credo and so, starting in spring 2012, she will debut her new line of clothing ANNA by AF. While maintaining the high standards of workmanship and quality, ANNA will be the more price conscious version of AF. Finally the designer will accommodate all those women who are tired of supporting the mass produced uniforms of the big retailers and their questionable production methods with it's impact on the social-economic and environmental hierarchy in this world. ANNA helps women to separate themselves from the main stream, while building their own identity. The Online shop supplies clients from all over the world and has become a major factor in the international recognition of the name ANNA FUCHS.




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