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Welcome to our Homepage! Bonmet Motion is a leading company in the global automation market . Email: Bonmet Shenzhen CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006. The branches were located in Hamburg, Germany and in Bologna, Italy, it is a leading company in the global automation market . We have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality control authentication, and successfully achieved the CE certification. Our philosophy is: Using European advanced technology, high-performance to meet the personalized needs of customers. To help our customers to building their automation machinery faster and better. The history of Bonmet: In 1982 , we developed 3-axis, 4-axis automated machinery in Italy. In 1985, we developed controller of CNC/PLC/HMI , it has been widely used in CNC machine, packing machine, printing machine, mechanical arm, robot and other fields. In 2003, we started to develop and produce planetary gearbox in Wuhan, and it is the leader company of China market right now. In 2005, we started manufacture automatic machine in Germany. In 2006 we started to produce Servo Drivers in Shenzhen, China. In 2009, the office, which was located in Germany, started to develop EtherCAT and CANopen. In 2012, our Industrial Robots have been widely used in spraying, dispensing, polishing, grinding, stacking, feeding machine and other fields. The main business of our company, is to provide automation solutions, equipment ,industrial robots, including the integration of PLC and CNC control system with industrial bus, industrial bus servo drive, and precision 4-axis teeth processing machine. Our automation solutions including : The toppan, flexible multi-color, high-speed , electronic axis printing press control system, with electronic cam and the flying shear packaging system, Full 6-axis electronic gear servo CNC cutting systems. Full 10 axis closed loop servo control system of high-speed terminal machines. Full servo closed-loop control system of high-speed Constant Spring, Full 5 axis closed loop servo gold processing and surface Polishing Machine Control System, Full servo closed loop control of laser plasma processing control system, Full servo closed loop control woodworking machinery control systems. Full Servo closed loop control stone machinery control systems. Automatic control of three-dimensional warehouse control system. Full 8 axis linkage car milling compound machine tool servo closed-loop control system. Treatment of Parkinson's disease electric bike control system. Solar energy grid accounting control system. Full servo closed-loop control garment cutting machine control system. Automatic control of torque and speed and location of the screw mechanism. Automatic punch closed-loop control, pattern after learning of the robot control software. We committed to providing customers with high-quality products, perfect service, with reliable performance, the leading technology and excellent automation solutions service . Meanwhile, we are committing to update core technology and key products to provide more perfect solutions for you , help you to stand out from competitors. Bonmet will be your most trustworthy partner. We take customer’s requirement as our center philosophy, Our teams will provide the best automation solutions and high quality products.


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