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Galerie Bartsch & Chariau Gmbh
Die Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, 1980 gegründet, ist auf kommerzielle Kunst spezialisiert und wurde von der Presse als „das Mekka der grafischen Kunst“ beschrieben. Satirische Zeichnungen und Modekunst stehen im Zentrum der Aktivitäten der Galerie. Galerie Bartsch & Chariau founded in 1980, has been described in the international press as the“Mecca of graphic art”. Its founder and owner, Joëlle Chariau, began collecting fashiong drawings at a time when there was little interest in the subject matter and has subsequently been able to amass the largest catalogue of quality works by the foremost fashion artists of the 20th century. The second focus of Bartsch & Chariau is on classic cartoons of the last three centuries. In addition to representing internationally renowned artists such as J.J. Sempé for the past thirty years, the gallery has showcased and sold works by 18th century british cartoonists, 19th century french artists and many more. Joëlle Chariau has been instrumental in building some of the leading collections of both cartoon and fashion art world-wide. She continues to collaborate with the most talented artists working in both fields today.


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