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interactive architecture concepts GET THE WHOLE PICTURE The XTREMTOUCH® technology provides the highest innovative potential to enable project owners and developers to create new architectural dimensions of holistic and atmospheric multi-user multi-touch experiences. The flexible creation of impressive multi-interactive stages of almost any size and shape allows the audience to become an active part of the performance. Change your visitors from innocent bystanders to actors. Enable them to access your content, independent and according to their individual interests. Self-efficacy is a fundamental human need and manually grabbing something with the hand is strongly connected with grasping by mind. So, your audience will become highly interested, attentive and motivated. GREAT COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE Events and moments that affect us gain emotional significance once we can directly share it with our relatives, friends or business partners. By this we share our personal experience and make others similarly affected and involved. In your interactive scenarios you can now create stunning scenarios of atmosphere and mutual experiences. They will completely immerse your audience in your virtual world. Furthermore, your audience will think of having stepped inside your virtual scene as a group and not as single individuals. Your audience will be completely captured by that intense experience. It provides you a powerful and emotional road to the audience for your messages. INFINITE DIMENSIONS Don’t limit yourself and your audience. Deploy our cutting edge technology and create architectural designs with exceptional responses. Size does matter – large objects are perceived as being closer to us and become a top priority in the human perception. Utilize this effect, stage your objects in their real size and draw full attention to your content in immersive and interactive scenarios. BUILDING-BRICK PRINCIPLE Do not waste much thoughts on hardware, best operational performance and impeding size limits. Make your sophisticated projects reality and focus on the real challenges of the project. Exert the effective modularity of construction, put the bricks together and build large interactive multi-user architectures. This new way of professional constructing projects will cost less energy, ressources and time, and finally will not stretch your nerves.


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