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Welcome to Menzel & Maximow. Founded 2015 in Berlin - we are determined to transform tourism by connecting Hospitality know - how with today’s technology. In a time where tomorrow you can work at the other side of the world, we learned that it is increasingly important to show variety, develop new procedures and to understand, how to cope with different cultural lifestyles to guarantee long term success. The quality of service and its supporting technology have to be adapted to industry trends and new concepts in order to create sustainable guest experiences. We organize events and educational travel in Europe for young students from the Middle East. We understand the needs of today's generation, that characterizes itself as the first generation having a "technological" way of living, questioning existing structures and aiming for self- fulfillment. We want to share our expertise in working and living abroad to create unforgettable experiences and providing knowledge in the field of the hospitality industry. As a consequence we specialize in advising hotels on how to improve and implement their health care concepts. We made it to our duty to contribute to the future of hospitality with our ideas and creativity.


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